Breast Augmentation Surgery: What to Expect Before, During & After

Today, breast augmentation surgery is one of the most sought cosmetic surgery procedures not only because women want to change the way their breasts look but also because they want to gain that confidence they used to have in their early 20′s.

What to Expect Breast AugmentationThis cosmetic procedure aims at correcting the size of breasts and reconstructing breasts after an unsuccessful surgery with the sole purpose of giving women the contour they seek. While breast augmentation might bring delight and new gorgeous look, this operation may also be detrimental if it is done wrongly. Many women have been botched because of improper procedures and thus there is growing need to make an informed decision before considering breast augmentation surgery.

What Breast Augmentation is All About

Just like rhinoplasty and tummy tuck, it is a requirement that you do a preliminary research regarding the procedure to increase compliance to surgery and ensure that the process turns out to be a successful one. Aside from knowing what to do before going to the surgery and what the operation itself entails, it is also necessary to acquaint yourself with things which may happen aftermath and if they’re reversible. Normally, this type of surgery involves placing an implant under the pectoral muscle that helps in enhancing the shape and size of your breasts.

The costs of breast augmentation will vary from hospital to surgery center as well as from city to city. But all in all, it is an expensive operation, which a single error will not only cause financial loss but it may also bring depression and stress. If you are considering this type of surgery soon, the information below will be of great help, just read it carefully to know what to expect before, during and after the surgery.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgeons and other medical practitioners believe that a surgical procedure begins with proper preparation prior to any procedure. You need to conduct your surgeon of the things you may have to do before the actual day of surgery. You need to tell your doctor various things about your general health early enough for him/her to prepare adequately.

Generally, you may be asked by your breast augmentation surgeon to:
1. Quit Smoking – Nicotine lowers your healing rate and it is vital to stop smoking some weeks before the surgery.
2. Tell Your Doctor About Medication You’re Taking – Drugs such as aspirin induce hemorrhage problems making the actual surgery to be difficult.
3. Change Your Lifestyle – Couple of weeks before the surgery, generally observe a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.
4. Avoid Vigorous Exercises – You need to be relaxed and calm just before and some days before the actual date of surgery this you’re advised to reduce the amount of exercises you do.
5. Check Your Clothing – Consider wearing loose fitting cloths just before going for the surgery.
6. Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight prior to the operation

Arranging transportation and even planning for after care services, among other basic things are part of the preparations prior the surgery. The preparation process puts your doctor and you at ease, thereby smoothening the surgical procedure.

During Breast Augmentation Surgery Breast Augmentation Surgery

This is an operation carried after you’ve been given anaethesia. It is a process that takes about an hour. The surgeon will have to make incisions to allow implants before the incisions are closed. There are two main types of incisions inframammary (where incision is made under the breast along with natural fold of breast) and Periareolar (where incision is made around areola).

For reconstruction breast surgery, the incision is normally made via the mastectomy scar while in the pre-umbilical approach; it is made through the belly button. In this approach, breast implants (normally saline and silicone) are placed through the incisions but silicone implants are always referable and hence mostly used.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

In reality, after any cosmetic surgery done correctly, it will take you just a couple of weeks to recover but this normally differs from one person to another because our body systems work differently. Immediately after the surgery, you should have a person to drive you home.

It is obvious that you’ll experience some discomfort, some swelling and little bruising which they should be able to fade away in few weeks if you follow the surgeon’s after surgery instructions. Otherwise, by rule of thumb, have a good rest, wear loose fit clothes, use ice packs for breast discomfort and follow all your medications as prescribed.

You can achieve the breast size you’ve ever dreamed of through this process if only and only if it is done as required. Preparing well and adhering to the surgeon’s instructions will help you get the most out of the surgery.